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Product: nCATfiber

Manufacturer: MemPro Ceramics

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Industrial → Chemical Engineering → Catalysis



nCATfiber technology is based on the use of ceramic nanofibers as a catalyst support media. These nanofibers are created using a process called electrospinning, and various ceramic materials can be formed into nanofibers, including single and mixed metal oxides.

The petrochemical industry provides feedstock to a group known as the Chemical Process Industries. Broadly defined, this includes petroleum refining, chemical production, pharmaceutical production, food & beverages, mining & minerals, biotechnology, pulp & paper and flavors & fragrances. Many processing operations in these industries involve the use of catalysts to reduce reaction times and improve productivity. In many cases the catalysts used are expensive. In some cases, the catalysts, while necessary, are potentially polluting to the end product they help produce. In other cases, the loss of catalysts presents a hazard to the environment, such as the release of heavy metals into water systems.

nCATfiber products have potential for the Chemical Process Industries by reducing production times and by reducing the costs of containing environmental pollution. MemPro seeks collaborations with leading companies in these industries to define and develop efficient products. As the world leader in ceramic nanofibers, MemPro also seeks relationships with companies in significant supply chains to produce and distribute end products.

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