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Product: Ion-Mask

Manufacturer: P2i

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Textiles and Garments → Coatings



ion-mask, technology by P2i, gives footwear, outdoor clothing and accessories a level of liquid repellency that old technologies simply cannot match.

Treated articles keep wearers comfortable and dry, by resisting water from outside and maintaining optimum control of temperature and ?breathability'. By resisting the absorption of water and dirt, ion-mask also helps guard against stains, making products look newer for longer.

Although the presence of ion-mask is invisible to wearers - its protective layer is one thousand times thinner than a human hair - it is molecularly bonded to the whole surface of the product and is therefore extremely durable. ion-mask lasts as long as the material itself and is not compromised by everyday wear and tear.

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