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Product: SLR-160

Manufacturer: Blue Nano

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Energy → Energy Generation → Solar Cells



Blue Nano's proprietary SLR-160 conductive film allows for up to 38% greater efficiency due to light trapping and conductivity gains. The SLR-160 can be applied to most types of solar cells including thin-film photovoltaic, crystalline silicon photovoltaic, and concentrator solar panels. The SLR-160 is deposited onto the emitter surface during normal solar cell manufacturing processes.

SLR-160 Features

- Up to 38% increase in efficiency

- Better light trapping

- Higher conductivity

- Easy to integrate into current manufacturing processes

- Can be applied to most types of solar cells including thin-film, crystalline silicon and concentrator solar panels

Why use a silver nanowire based conductive additive?

At the nanoscale level, silver has proven to be the most conductive metal known to man. When deposited on the solar cell, these silver nanowires form a ubiquitous network, reducing effective electrode spacing and improving electron collection by shortening the electrical pathway.

These conductive effects alone provide approximately 50% improvement in conductivity over TCO semiconductors. Additionally, the nanowires' sub-wavelength diameter allows better light transmission, reducing the corresponding shadow area. Finally, the surface plasmon effect allows for better light trapping, reducing reflection loss.

We have specifically selected the nanowire configuration for maximum effectiveness on solar panels. In particular, nanowires have proven to outperform spheroids and ellipsoids for solar applications. We do offer customized products with user-selectable nanowire lengths.

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