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Product: CETOSIL Acrylate Nanocomposite Coatings

Manufacturer: Cetelon

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Construction → Building Materials → Wear Protection



Based on a new, worldwide patented technology for surface grafting of silica nanoparticles, acrylates can be filled with up to 50% silica. The resulting formulation shows no undesired increase in viscosity or abrasivity.

Radiation-cured acrylate nanocomposite coatings show excellent mechanical and viscoelastic properties.

Under the trade name CETOSIL a series of acrylate nanocomposite coatings is provided that contain up to 30 % of nano-sized silica. The use of special surface grafted silica nanoparticles ensures the transparency and low viscosity of the coatings.

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