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Product: nAERO

Manufacturer: Beneq

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Energy → Energy Generation → Solar Cells



Beneq aerosol A-R coatings for solar PV and CSP applications

Beneq provides anti-reflective (A-R) coatings based on nAERO aerosol coating. The equipment requirements for an A-R coating are defined case-by-case, depending on the applied coating material or materials. Our current laboratory coating line has been developed especially for testing different A-R coatings and chemicals.

Our nAERO-based A-R coating line can produce coatings with a film thickness between 20 and 400 nm, the typical target thickness (for A-R) being between 130 and 150 nm. The substrate coating speed target is >6 m/min, whereas the current laboratory line can manage 1-5 m/min. A pilot system for 1200 mm wide glass panes is under way and will be available for trials in the near future.

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