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Product: nBIOCOMP

Manufacturer: Beneq

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Medical → Implants → Coatings



nBIOCOMP - Beneq ALD coatings for medical applications

Beneq nBIOCOMP introduces the benefits of ALD thin film technology to the medical industry. ALD enables coating of medical implants and other tools and objects with thin films and biocompatible materials on an industrial scale. Coating complex 3D structures with just a few nanometer thick uniform films is an easy task with Beneq nBIOCOMP technology. Beneq nBIOCOMP biocompatible coatings are now available for medical research and industrial applications.

Biocompatible ALD films

Biocompatible ALD films can be used to alter the properties of the interface between an implant and human tissue, or to achieve improved abrasion and corrosion resistance or reduced diffusion and friction properties. An ALD thin film only a few nanometers thick is flexible an thus less prone to cracking and formation and spreading of detrimental particles inside the human body. Also, low and high protein binding affinity coatings can be deposited by ALD. They are especially useful in diagnostics and in the preparative field, as well as for surface coatings that resist bacterial growth. Applications include laboratory vessels, analytical devices, biomedical appliances, instruments, biochips, flow cells and items for surfaces which must be free of bacteria or to resist accumulation of biological material.

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