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Product: Lignol

Manufacturer: Nanovations

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Construction → Building Materials → Wear Protection



The use of nanotechnology is a real innovation in the development of wood coatings, particularly in relation to UV absorbing and penetration. Although wood is naturally durable and strong, the effects of out-door exposure can degrade not only these physical properties, but its natural beauty as well. In meeting this challenge, Nanovations has introduced a new VOC-free technology for clear impregnating wood protection.

The only way to slow the UV degradation of the surface is to incorporate a pigment or a UV stabilizer into the formulation. The colorless, UV-resistant, water-repellent preservative represents the broadest category of clear natural finishes on the market.

Nanoscale UV absorbers offer unique benefits in protecting coatings and coated substrates from being degraded by UV radiation. The small size of the particles makes it possible to offer high protection without affecting the transparency of the impregnation.

The water based nature of the products is a functional and environmentally friendly solution against rot and moos and algae build-up. Water absorption is significantly reduced.

Utilizing this well-developed science of nanotechnology, the product absorbs the most damaging rays of the Sun?s spectrum, Nanovations LignolŪ Wood coatings, protect wood for longer in the harsh solar radiation in Australia and around the world without the discoloring effect of these rays.

Nanoscale UV absorber will protect the wood substrate from degrading UV radiation and will increase the lifetime of the coating. These products are most interesting in harsh outdoor environments.

Nanoscale solutions are able to concentrate more active substance in a smaller volume of liquid. It is possible to use less product to archive better durability and the products are VOC free and water based.

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