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The most popular Nanowerk Spotlight articles in 2013

1Nanotechnology in sports equipment: The game changer 
(Accessed 47,353 times)
2Nanotechnology manufacturers: Graphene 
(Accessed 19,298 times)
3Medical microrobots to deliver drugs on demand (w/video) 
(Accessed 19,155 times)
4Wearable textile battery can be recharged by sunlight 
(Accessed 17,964 times)
5Two-dimensional nanotechnology materials beyond graphene 
(Accessed 17,853 times)
6Designing nanogenerators for large-scale energy harvesting 
(Accessed 17,501 times)
7How squid and octopus might point the way to nanotechnology-based stealth coatings 
(Accessed 16,473 times)
8Electronic skin takes your temperature 
(Accessed 14,599 times)
9Silicon chips inserted into living cells can feel the pressure (w/video) 
(Accessed 14,184 times)
10Will future battery parts be grown on a rice field? 
(Accessed 12,858 times)
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