8 Ways to Spot a Top Resume Writing Service

An impressive resume is indispensable if you ever want to land your dream job – or any job, for that matter. But crafting a document that will instantly engage a recruiter’s attention is no easy task. First of all, it requires great writing skills, but also much more.
Fortunately, there are many resume writing services available that are ready to take the burden of resume or CV writing off the applicants’ shoulders. And there are plenty of reasons to use such services. Apart from the lack of sufficient writing skills, these are:
  • • lack of time;
  • • poor self-assessment skills;
  • • the need for expert knowledge of the job market;
  • • unwillingness to take risks;
  • • inability to land an interview with a self-written CV, and more.
  • So, resume writing services are extremely popular, and there’s nothing wrong with using them. However, you need to make sure you hire the best career advice expert from the top resume writing service like SkillHub to get the best out of it. But how is it even possible to choose one when there is such an abundance?
    Well, there are some fool-proof ways to do that, and we’re going to share them with you right now. Check out the signs of a reliable resume writing service.
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    It Has a Professionally Designed Website

    The first indicator of any company’s credibility is its official website. It has to look neat and professional, contain all the necessary information, and be user-friendly.
    After you’ve taken the first glance and made sure the site doesn’t appear to be amateurish, take a closer look at its content. Read the texts and make sure they actually contain useful data and are error-free.
    Look for specific information like:
  • • company overview;
  • • list of services;
  • • writer’s profiles;
  • • pricing plans;
  • • contact info.
  • Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom and check if the “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” sections are present.

    It Provides Examples

    A reliable writing service also provides free resume and CV examples on its official website. Scan them to make sure they look professional enough and answer all your requirements. However, keep in mind that your resume, if you choose to order it, should be custom-tailored according to your specific demands.
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    It Has Excellent Reviews

    Most companies have a “Testimonials” or a “Customer Reviews” section on their official websites. But, of course, they can be selective about what to post there, so you probably won’t see negative reviews.
    To see the broader picture, google the company’s name and search for honest testimonials on popular review sites like Trustpilot, Glassdoor, and others. However, be careful with the “best of” lists – often, they are nothing but a clickbait for affiliate marketing.
    To sum it up, you can never fully trust any review, but when you read many of them on different websites, you’ll be able to see the real picture rather clearly.

    It Works With Qualified Writers

    Top resume writing services only work with highly qualified writers. These writers have many years of experience in the industry and are usually competent as both writers and job search experts. Many of them also have additional training and are certified.
    Certifications for resume writers include:
  • • Certified Professional Resume Writer;
  • • Certified Expert Resume Writer;
  • • Master Resume Writer, and others.
  • To find out if the service has a sufficient pool of qualified writers, check the profiles on the company’s official website. If you decide to place an order, proceed to find out all the details during a one-on-one chat with the chosen writer. Ask them about their credentials and examples of their work to see if they are really a perfect fit.

    It Offers Various Pricing Plans

    Actually, there’s more to writing a resume than just writing a resume. The process also involves:
  • • reviewing of your current CV;
  • • ATS optimization;
  • • an interview with an expert to gather enough data for your custom-tailored document;
  • • numerous revisions.
  • All of this is typically included in a basic pricing plan. But top writing services also offer other options. Usually, it’s a cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Some also give discounts if you buy the biggest package.
    However, even with discounts, resume writing can never be cheap. Expect the minimum price to be $100 or slightly over. A cheaper service might presumably be amateurish or even a scam.

    It Is Familiar With ATS

    The overwhelming majority of businesses use ATS (applicant tracking systems) nowadays. Automation technology helps recruiters weed out irrelevant candidates, but in the meantime, it can also prevent qualified candidates from landing an interview if their CVs are not ATS-optimized.
    Spotting the keywords necessary to convince ATS that you’re relevant and then sprinkling them throughout your document may be tricky. That’s why all professional resume writing services include ATS optimization even in their basic pricing plans. So, if there’s no such option, just choose another service.

    It Gives Guarantees

    A company that is confident about the quality of its services always offers guarantees. And while no writing service can guarantee that you land the job you want or the desired salary, they can at least guarantee quality work and free revisions.
    Quality work means your document is tailored to suit the career field and the positions you apply for, professionally written, and contains all the necessary keywords. It should also be about the real you, not exaggerating or underestimating your competencies, skills, and achievements.

    It Stays In Touch

    Finally, a trustworthy company always stays in touch. It has a 24/7 customer support service that provides answers to the trickiest questions you might throw at them. And of course, it stays with you until you’re fully satisfied with the result.

    Wrapping Up

    Choosing the right resume writing service can be the crucial first step into your exciting professional future. Whether you’re a Ph.D. or only have a high school diploma, a great expert can always make the most of your skills and experience. So, don’t spare time on your research. Now that you know the ways to spot a top resume service, it’s so much easier to get it right!