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New process provides renewable fuel

Pyrolysis bio-oil is produced by rapidly heating the forest residues in an oxygen-free environment and then rapidly cooling the products formed. By co-gasification with black liquor, a renewable fuel is produced.

Dec 17th, 2015

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Could metal particles be the clean fuel of the future?

Metal powders, produced using clean primary energy sources, could provide a more viable long-term replacement for fossil fuels than other widely discussed alternatives, such as hydrogen, biofuels or batteries, according to a new study.

Dec 9th, 2015

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Economical, efficient, sustainable - thermochemical storage 'reloaded'

Energy researchers have put into service an innovative thermal storage system that uses lime as the storage medium. The lime storage system is a further development of an initial prototype and can store energy more economically and efficiently. Thermochemical storage systems have the potential to save a considerable amount of energy, especially in industrial processes and households.

Dec 8th, 2015

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Electric cars: batteries with brains

The battery is the heart of the electric car. Fraunhofer researchers have developed an energy storage device which is significantly more cost-effective over the entire life cycle in comparison with previous models. If one of the more than one hundred battery cells is defective, it can be replaced easily. Until now, the entire battery had to be replaced.

Dec 1st, 2015

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A promising new prototype of battery

Researchers have developed the first battery using sodium ions in the usual '18650' format, an industry standard. The main advantage of the prototype is that it relies on sodium, an element far more abundant and less costly than lithium.

Nov 27th, 2015

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