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Park Systems Unveils NX10: World's Most Accurate AFM

Park Systems has introduced the NX10, the world's most accurate AFM, as the flagship AFM of its new product line. Now available worldwide, the NX10 brings unparalleled imaging accuracy, scan speeds, and tip life to the next generation of researchers, all at an affordable price.

Posted: Nov 22nd, 2011

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Nanometrics Acquires Nanda Technologies

Nanda has developed a high-throughput, high-sensitivity defect inspection technology for semiconductor manufacturing. With this acquisition, Nanometrics adds a highly differentiated and leading-edge macro defect inspection technology to its portfolio of industry-leading metrology solutions.

Posted: Nov 21st, 2011

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The Hiden 3FD Fast-response Mass Spectrometer

The 3F-series of quadruple mass spectrometers from Hiden Analytical now feature direct digital signal detection for our fastest response and most sensitive detection levels, addressing the needs of the researcher operating in the UHV/XHV vacuum regime through to specialised fast-event gaseous studies at pressures to atmosphere and beyond.

Posted: Nov 16th, 2011

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