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Precise Control of Fluid on Nanostructured Surface Enables Breakthrough in Battery

mPhase Technologies, Inc., the developer of Power On Command battery technologies, will be announcing this afternoon that it has successfully bonded a glass reservoir capable of holding various electrolytes to the microfluidic structured layer of the mPhase Smart NanoBattery - a key step in the packaging and assembly phases of this innovative new power source.

Apr 20th, 2010

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InterTech Announces Component Tracker System for Nanotechnology Companies

Nanotechnology products manufacturers seeking cost-effective ways to collect and archive test data for product lifecycle management systems and quality assurance, can now use the InterTech Development Component Tracker System, which integrates bar coding, scan and software tracking of each part and batch, including all leak test, functional test and lifecycle test data related to each component.

Apr 19th, 2010

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