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GigOptix Receives Funding to Enable New Era of Ultra Fast Hybrid Silicon-Organic Integrated Circuits Based on Proprietary Polymer

GigOptix-Helix AG, subsidiary of Palo Alto, CA based GigOptix Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, that provides electronic engines for the optically connected digital world and other advanced radio frequency (RF) applications today announced that they will participate in the European Union funded project Silicon-Organic Hybrid Fabrication Platform for Integrated Circuits (SOFI).

Mar 10th, 2010

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Thomas Swan Achieves Commercial-Scale Production of Carbon Nanotubes in the U.S.

Leading manufacturer of carbon nanotubes Thomas Swan has achieved commercial scale production to meet growing demand in the USA. This success has been marked by the company's announcement that it has issued a 'Notice of Commencement of Manufacture or Import' to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in relation to its Elicarb SW single-wall carbon nanotube products.

Mar 9th, 2010

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