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DEK Solar Continues to Thrive in China

Most recently, the solar screen printing specialist completed a contract to supply a high-profile turnkey provider in the region with a large number of new metallization lines.

Posted: Feb 14th, 2010

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USPTO Grants Formatech Novel Drug Formulation Patent

The patented nanoparticle technology effectively solubilizes pharmaceutical compounds in fatty acids and/or fatty alcohols. The formulation achieves aqueous form after dilution with equimolar of protonating agent, thereby keeping the drug in the micelle of the fatty acid salt.

Posted: Feb 12th, 2010

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Knowing Your Nanos

Helsinki Aerosol Consulting was founded recently to provide state-of-the-art services for measuring nanoparticle concentrations, modelling aerosol formation, and developing theoretical solutions to aerosol-related problems.

Posted: Feb 11th, 2010

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New Sample Holders for Phenom

Phenom-World BV announces the launch of a new collection of sample holders and inserts for the Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM). The new holders increase the range of possible samples while maintaining the Phenom's market-leading time to image. Quick and easy sample loading ensures faster time to data.

Posted: Feb 11th, 2010

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