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Angstron Introduces Low Cost Graphene Platelets

Angstron Materials LLC has developed a new cost effective, high quality alternative to nanotubes. The carbon-based material is called nano-graphene platelets (NGPs). Similar to carbon nanotubes, the properties and characteristics of NGPs outperform all other nanomaterials on the market.

Posted: Apr 23rd, 2008

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TTM, Inc. Adopts Cadence Holistic DFM Solutions for 65nm and Below Designs

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. today announced that Time To Market, Inc., a leading ASIC design house, was able to detect hot spots and optimize yields for a complex 65-nanometer design using a holistic design-for-manufacturability flow from Cadence that includes the Cadence SoC Encounter XL system and the Cadence Litho Physical Analyzer.

Posted: Apr 22nd, 2008

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