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Oncor Fights Copper Wire Theft With Nanotechnology

Copper theft is a community problem that is continuing to grow. Thieves have stolen air conditioners out of churches, equipment of out schools and wiring out of streetlights. Oncor, with its miles of distribution and transmission lines, is also a target for these thieves.

Feb 21st, 2008

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pSivida Receives First R&D Payments from Pfizer

pSivida Limited today announced the receipt of US$500k as the first quarterly research and development payment from Pfizer under the terms of the exclusive worldwide Collaborative Research and License Agreement signed in April 2007 for pSivida's controlled drug delivery technologies in ophthalmic applications.

Feb 20th, 2008

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Nanobac Announces Publication of Association of Nanoparticle and Kidney Stone Formation

Nanobac Pharmaceuticals Inc. announces publication in the International Journal of Nanomedicine research that scientists from the University of California San Francisco collaborating with Nanobac scientists at NASA's Johnson Space Center have concluded demonstrating that calcium deposits in the human kidney called Randall's Plaque may in fact be Calcifying Nano Particles which lead to the formation of Kidney Stones.

Feb 19th, 2008

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