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PI's New High-Speed, NanoCube 3-Axis Piezo Motion Stage

Higher scanning speed, ceramic-insulated acutators for long life, flexures for friction-free motion, and capactive sensors for sub-nm precise positioning make this new piezo nanopositioner ideal for fast fiber alignment and microscopy applications.

Oct 4th, 2016

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Value Added Piezo Element Assembly Speeds up OEM Integration, Saves Cost

Fast response, high bandwidth and force, and virtually unlimited resolution make piezoelectric transducers invaluable to modern high tech applications including flow measurement, distance gauging, bio-medical dispensing and aerosol generation, as well as metrology, semiconductor testing, and aerospace technology.

Aug 31st, 2016

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Palm-sized Precise XY / XYZ Motorized Stage is Fast Too, From PI

PI has released a low-profile motorized positioning stage with a very small footprint of 60x86mm and a travel range of 25mm, best suiting it for research and industrial applications including fiber alignment, metrology, quality assurance testing, photonics packaging, test equipment, and micromachining.

Aug 19th, 2016

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XY Piezo Nanopositioning and Scanning Stage Provides More Travel

Applications in micro-assembly, beam guidance, photonics, and optical metrology all require nanometer adjustment precision, most times in very compact spaces. To meet those requirements, PI, a lead manufacturer of nanopositioning and motion control solutions, introduces its newest XY piezo motor positioners.

Jun 30th, 2016

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