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Ultra Low Level Biodetection Achieved by Dublin Researchers on Standard qNano Nanopore Instrument

Researchers at the Lee Bionanosciences Laboratory at UCD in Dublin have demonstrated the detection and measurement of biological analytes down to femtomolar concentration levels using an off the shelf qNano instrument. This ultra low level biodetection capability has implications for biomedical research and clinical development as trace amounts of a biological substance in a sample can now be detected and quantified using standard commercially available equipment.

Jul 19th, 2012

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Hexapod / SpaceFAB Parallel Precision Robotic Positioning Systems from PI

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP - a leading manufacturer of motion control systems for nano-automation - provides a complete line of highly accurate 6-axis robotic parallel positioners (Hexapod/SpaceFAB) for advanced applications in fields as diverse as bio/nano-technology, aerospace, medical technology and lasers/photonics.

Jul 18th, 2012

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