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Molecular sudoku

Sudoku puzzles represent a popular exercise recommended to improve logical and creative thinking. A team of scientists from the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology, ICREA, and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona investigated the properties of a special kind of sudoku, made by assembling tiny molecules into a 3x3 square array.

Posted: Oct 5th, 2011

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Material scientist wins competition for best nanotechnology photo

By using lasers to help grow nanotubes on a silicon plate, the researchers have created structures that, when viewed under a scanning electron microscope, resemble a jellyfish in the ocean. This image was recently awarded first prize in the national photo competition "Making Nano Visible."

Posted: Oct 4th, 2011

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UK creates GBP 50 million "Graphene Global Research and Technology Hub"

At a visit this morning to the University laboratories where the material's remarkable properties were first demonstrated, the Chancellor laid out his plans for the creation of a Graphene Global Research and Technology Hub to commercialise graphene, part of almost GBP 200m investment into science.

Posted: Oct 3rd, 2011

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