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Creating electricity with caged atoms

At the Vienna University of Technology, a new class of thermoelectric materials has been discovered; Due to a surprising physical effect they can be used to create electricity more efficiently.

Sep 22nd, 2013

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Building bridges between nanowires

Place a layer of gold only a few atoms high on a surface bed of germanium, apply heat to it, and wires will form of themselves. They are no more than a few atoms in height and are separated by no more than 1.6 nanometres. Nanotechnologists bridge this small gap with a copper-phthalocyanine molecule.

Sep 20th, 2013

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In water as in love, likes can attract

Berkeley Lab researchers have shown that, contrary to the scientific axiom that only opposite charges attract, when hydrated in water, positively charged ions can pair up with one another.

Sep 19th, 2013

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