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Understanding gate oxide trapping - one electron at a time

Using a new technique, researchers from imec, TU Vienna, and Infineon have shown that both electron and hole capture and emission times in SiO2 and HfO2 dielectrics are strongly thermally activated. The new technique, Time Dependent Defect Spectroscopy (TDDS), can be used to study the capture and emission times of single oxide defects over a very wide time range.

Posted: Aug 19th, 2010

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New metrology for tuning the etch rate uniformity in plasma etch processes

Imec and KLA Tencor have established a metrology method for optimizing the etch rate uniformity (ERU) in a transformer coupled plasma (TCP) reactor. The proposed metrology method makes use of PVx2 sensor wafers. For ion-assisted etch processes, the use of this PVx2-based method for ERU tuning results in lot-turn time savings of up to 80% compared to conventional etch rate uniformity tests.

Posted: Aug 19th, 2010

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New ISO methodology demystifies nanomaterials

ISO has published a new technical report, ISO/TR 11360:2010, Nanotechnologies - Methodology for the classification and categorization of nanomaterials, offering a comprehensive, globally harmonized methodology for classifying nanomaterials.

Posted: Aug 18th, 2010

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