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Jekyll and Hyde material

A porous polymer network that researchers can make reactive at will can store gases and hasten chemical reactions.

Posted: Oct 1st, 2010

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When old is new again

A fundamental effect associated with electrons also occurs in non-charged particles - a potential boon for spintronics.

Posted: Oct 1st, 2010

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Catalyst sandwich

Synthetic PCR mimic could lead to highly sensitive medical, environmental diagnostics

Posted: Sep 30th, 2010

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Mount Sinai leads program of excellence in nanotechnology with $16.5 million grant

Mount Sinai School of Medicine received a contract for almost $16.5 million from The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLBI) through the Program of Excellence in Nanotechnology (PEN). The contract is one of four issued nationally to develop multidisciplinary research Centers with the goal of developing nanotechnology tools for diagnosing and treating heart, lung and blood diseases.

Posted: Sep 29th, 2010

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