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MIT team finds way to combine microprocessor materials

For decades, researchers have been trying to combine semiconductor materials that have different and potentially complementary characteristics into a single microchip. Now, an MIT team has finally succeeded in this effort, an advance that could point to a way of overcoming fundamental barriers of size and speed facing today's silicon chips.

Posted: Sep 16th, 2009

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A giant step for nanotechnology in Australia

The Australian research community will soon have access to one of the most powerful nanotechnology instruments in the world, able to write and etch data on particles ten thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Posted: Sep 15th, 2009

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NorTech transitions nanotechnology network initiative to PolymerOhio

Today NorTech, the champion for high tech industry growth in Northeast Ohio, announced it will transition operations of its Nano-Network initiative to PolymerOhio, a statewide organization that accelerates commercialization activities across a wide range of applications in the polymer and advanced materials industries.

Posted: Sep 15th, 2009

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