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Nanosensors to detect possible mutations in DNA

Researchers at the Cidetec-IK4 technological centre in Spain have developed electrochemical sensors that, amongst other functions, enable the detection of possible mutations in DNA in a more rapid manner that has been achieved to date.

Posted: Mar 2nd, 2009

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Social inclusion and engagement on nanotechnology

Nanotechnology will have a strong local future if industry and community can agree on the type of technologies that should be adopted, according to one of a number of findings from a nanotechnology report released last week by Australian Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr.

Posted: Mar 1st, 2009

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Frontiers in biomaterials-based drug and gene delivery

The National Cheng Kung University held an international symposium on February 27th, entitled 'Frontiers in biomaterials-based drug and gene delivery', featuring a forum on drug and gene delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine by leading experts in biomaterials from around the world.

Posted: Feb 27th, 2009

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Single polymer chains as molecular wires

The research team has succeeded in lifting single polymers from a gold surface, similar to chains, and in measuring their electrical and mechanical properties during this process.

Posted: Feb 26th, 2009

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