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Clues found in nanoparticles may help produce environmentally clean energy

Researchers at Cornell University recently made a major breakthrough when they invented a method to test and demonstrate a long-held hypothesis that some very, very small metal particles work much better than others in various chemical processes such as converting chemical energy to electricity in fuel cells or reducing automobile pollution.

Posted: Nov 10th, 2008

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Flexible charge pump nanotechnology power generator

Researchers have developed a new type of small-scale electric power generator able to produce alternating current through the cyclical stretching and releasing of zinc oxide wires encapsulated in a flexible plastic substrate with two ends bonded.

Posted: Nov 9th, 2008

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Nanotechnology cooperation agreed by Russia and China

As a special demonstration of co-operation from the Chinese side, a state park has been designated for nanotechnologies in the city of Suzhou, which will see developments in joint Russian-Chinese scientific research and experimental design works, production and commercialization of nanotechnology products.

Posted: Nov 9th, 2008

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Home solar energy panels

Suite 101 has published an article, by Bernard P. Nelson, titled 'Home Solar Energy Panels'. The article provides information about solar energy improvements such as thin film solar panels, and solar nano antennas that work at night.

Posted: Nov 7th, 2008

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