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NIH increases its support for high-impact research with $138 million

The National Institutes of Health announced today that it has increased its support of high-impact research with 2008 NIH Director?s Pioneer and New Innovator Awards to 47 scientists, many of whom are in the early stages of their careers. The grants, estimated to be up to $138 million over five years, enable recipients to pursue exceptionally innovative approaches that could transform biomedical and behavioral science.

Posted: Sep 22nd, 2008

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New insight into the origins of friction

A team of researchers pushing nanometer-sized metal blocks across an ultra-clean graphite surface reports that some of them skate freely, while others resist. The results support a theory that friction arises only when extra atoms get trapped between the surfaces.

Posted: Sep 19th, 2008

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World's thinnest balloon is one atom thick

Using a lump of graphite, a piece of Scotch tape and a silicon wafer, Cornell researchers have created a balloonlike membrane that is just one atom thick - but strong enough to contain gases under several atmospheres of pressure without popping.

Posted: Sep 19th, 2008

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