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Novel nanospheres engineered for maximum strength

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California at Berkeley have used in situ transmission electron microscopy to measure hollow spherical nanoparticles that withstand extreme stress and deform without losing strength.

Posted: Oct 20th, 2008

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Nanoscale smart coatings fortify materials

A scientist at the University of Wisconsin has developed a host of coatings that heal shallow pits and fractures on almost any material ? from metal to glass to silicon. The coatings also prevent further degradation.

Posted: Oct 20th, 2008

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DOE selects 20 nanotechnology projects that will advance nanomanufacturing

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected 20 project proposals for funding following its Nanomanufacturing for Energy Efficiency 2008 Research Call. The projects promise to make revolutionary improvements in a broad range of energy production, storage, and consumption applications that will reduce energy and carbon intensity in industrial processes.

Posted: Oct 18th, 2008

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Nano-Meeter, a free forum to discuss nanotechnology and energy

UC Santa Barbara?s Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS) and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) invite the Santa Barbara community to attend a casual public forum called 'Nano-Meeter' to discuss the possibilities for applying nanotechnologies to energy needs.

Posted: Oct 17th, 2008

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