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Microfiltration membrane and ultrafiltration membrane training

To kickoff the 'Infrastructure, Sustainability and Testing Management ' Conference, Sept 23-25, that the American Filtration and Separations Society is holding in Charlotte, there will be seven short courses on September 22, 2008. Two of these courses are 'Microfiltration Membrane' and 'Ultrafiltration Membrane' training.

Posted: Aug 8th, 2008

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Nanotechnology included in Australia-Korea grants program

The New South Wales-Gangwon Technology Collaboration Ageeement creates a technology cooperation framework of which the key element is a collaborative grant program to support joint proof of concept projects of one year or less between researchers and/or companies from both New South Wales and Gangwon.

Posted: Aug 7th, 2008

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World's thinnest balloon made of graphene

Researchers in New York are reporting development of the world's thinnest balloon, made of a single layer of graphite just one atom thick. This so-called graphene sealed microchamber is impermeable to even the tiniest airborne molecules, including helium.

Posted: Aug 6th, 2008

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New class of electronics technology can conform to almost any shape

Instead of using a flat microchip as the light sensor for their new camera, a team of engineers has developed a sensor that is a flexible mesh of wire-connected pixels. The mesh is made from many of the same materials as a standard digital-camera sensor, but has the unique ability to conform to convoluted, irregular surfaces.

Posted: Aug 6th, 2008

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