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The secret of electron heating in low temperature plasmas discovered

The secret of electron heating in low temperature plasmas has been discovered by the Bochum researchers at the Center of Excellence 'Plasma Science and Technology' (CPST) at the Ruhr University - who have thereby found the answer to the question which has been puzzling scientists for decades of why particularly the electrons in such plasmas are so hot.

Aug 29th, 2008

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University of Washington buys multimillion-dollar tool for nanotechnology research

The University of Washington will acquire an electron beam lithography machine, a key instrument required to build devices at the nanometer scale. A $1.3 million gift from the Washington Research Foundation provides about half the cost of the $2.5 million electron beam lithography machine, which will be the only one of its kind in the Northwest.

Aug 28th, 2008

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Nanoparticles stick a perfect landing

A silicon nanoparticle flying at 8 times the speed of sound can slam into a surface and stick, but it bounces off if colliding at half that speed. This puzzling observation is now explained by computer simulations.

Aug 27th, 2008

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