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Hazard assessment for nanoparticles - report from an interdisciplinary workshop

The current November 2007 edition of Environmental Health Perspectives carries a Meeting Report: Hazard Assessment for Nanoparticles‚??Report from an Interdisciplinary Workshop that present the findings from a nanotoxicology workshop held April 6-7, 2006 at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC.

Posted: Nov 22nd, 2007

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U. Delaware teams with Koreans on nanotechnology research

A team that includes two faculty affiliated with University of Delaware's Center for Composite Materials and researchers from the Korea Institute of Materials has been selected to receive a $5 million grant from the Korea Ministry of Science and Technology for work in the area of nanotechnology.

Posted: Nov 21st, 2007

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The changing color of gold

The copper ion Cu2+ is essential in biochemistry but can be toxic in high concentrations. Now, thanks to work by two chemists in the US, it can be detected with greater sensitivity.

Posted: Nov 21st, 2007

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New book presents methods to poke and prod individual molecules

Single-molecule biology is undergoing rapid growth. Tremendous technical advances have made it possible to probe molecules one by one, and to produce dynamic images as they twist, twirl, wobble, and unfold. These high-tech methods are the focus of a new book that was just released by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

Posted: Nov 20th, 2007

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