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Atoms or molecules? Both!

Scientists have succeeded in observing a quantum state that represents a pure superposition of atoms and molecules. Instead of being either two single atoms or two-atomic bound molecules the pairs oscillate between both states.

Posted: Jul 20th, 2007

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Natural 'workbench' for nanoscale construction

Engineers have taken a step toward simplifying the creation of nanostructures by identifying the first inorganic material to phase separate with near-perfect order at the nanometer scale. The finding provides an atomically tuneable nanocomposite 'workbench' that is cheap and easy to produce and provides a super-lattice foundation potentially suitable for building nanostructures.

Posted: Jul 17th, 2007

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Geoethical nanotechnology workshop to explore downloading human minds

The Workshop, accessible to the general public as a webinar, will explore downloading minds into bio-nano bodies and similar technologies thought to be essential for interstellar colonization. Geoethical nanotechnology is atom-by-atom assembly techniques that are subject to a consensual review, approval and audit process.

Posted: Jul 16th, 2007

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Microscopic polystyrene balls - now jet-propelled

Physicists have created an armada of self-propelled polystyrene balls about as wide as a strand of your hair. Their efforts are moving toward self-propelled nanoswimmers that could navigate narrow channels such as the human circulatory system.

Posted: Jul 16th, 2007

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