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Next scientific fashion could be designer nanocrystals

Three University of Chicago chemistry professors hope that their separate research trajectories will converge to create a new way of assembling what they call "designer atoms" into materials with a broad array of potentially useful properties and functions.

Posted: Dec 5th, 2012

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Switching with a few photons for quantum computing

Quantum computing, where bits of information, or 'qubits', are represented by the state of single atomic particles or photons of light, won't be of much use unless we can read the results. Cornell researchers have taken a step in that direction with a device that can measure the presence of just a few photons without disturbing them.

Posted: Dec 4th, 2012

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New optical tweezers trap specimens just a few nanometers across

A microscale technique known as optical trapping uses beams of light as tweezers to hold and manipulate tiny particles. Stanford researchers have found a new way to trap particles smaller than 10 nanometers - and potentially down to just a few atoms in size - which until now have escaped light's grasp.

Posted: Dec 4th, 2012

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