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WHO guidelines on nanomaterials and worker's health

As an initial step towards the development of the WHO/NANOH Guidelines, WHO prepared a draft background document proposing content and focus of the Guidelines. This background document will be used by the Guideline Development Group to identify key questions to be addressed by the Guidelines.

Posted: Feb 21st, 2012

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Einzelnen Atomen beim Zur-Ruhe-Gehen zusehen

Wissenschaftler haben mit Experimenten erstmals das dynamische Verhalten korrelierter einzelner Atome in Festkoerpern simuliert. Es gelang ihnen, Atome in sogenannten optischen Gittern aufzureihen und deren dynamisches Verhalten zu beobachten, das durch das komplexe Zusammenspiel mit anderen Atomen bestimmt ist.

Posted: Feb 21st, 2012

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The future of manmade materials

There's nothing ordinary about the materials being designed in the Stupp Laboratory at Northwestern University. Many of the futuristic fibers, films, gels, coatings and putty-like substances have led to important advances in areas of research such as regenerative medicine and energy technologies.

Posted: Feb 21st, 2012

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Nanomaterials expert wins prestigious Humboldt Research Fellowship

Just one month into his appointment at the University of South Australia and Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science at the Mawson Institute, Dr Nico Voelcker, has won a prestigious Humboldt Research Fellowship to carry out a long-term research project in nanomaterials.

Posted: Feb 20th, 2012

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Atomtronics: A new phase

Just as NASA engineers test new rocket designs in computer studies before committing themselves to full prototypes, so physicists will often model matter under various circumstances to see whether something new appears. This is especially true of atomtronics, a relatively new science devoted to creating artificial tailored materials consisting of neutral atoms held in an array with laser beams, or atoms moving along a desired track under electric or magnetic influence. A new study shows how a simple "joystick" consisting of an adjustable magnetic field can create several new phases of atomtronic matter, several of them never seen before.

Posted: Feb 19th, 2012

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Living model of brain tumor to test effectiveness of nanoparticles

Researchers have created a living 3-D model of a brain tumor and its surrounding blood vessels. In experiments, the scientists report that iron-oxide nanoparticles carrying the agent tumstatin were taken by blood vessels, meaning they should block blood vessel growth. The living-tissue model could be used to test the effectiveness of nanoparticles in fighting other diseases.

Posted: Feb 18th, 2012

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