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LEGO mit atomaren Magneten

Physiker der Uni Hamburg haben neuartige Magnete, die aus nur wenigen Atomen bestehen, aufgebaut und untersucht. Aehnlich wie bei einem LEGO-Bausatz, allerdings mit viel kleineren Bausteinen, koennen die Wissenschaftler einzelne Eisen-Atome zu unterschiedlichsten Strukturen zusammensetzen.

Apr 30th, 2012

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Single nanomaterial yields many laser colors

Engineers at Brown University and QD Vision Inc. have created nanoscale single crystals that can produce the red, green, or blue laser light needed in digital displays. The size determines color, but all the pyramid-shaped quantum dots are made the same way of the same elements.

Apr 29th, 2012

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Researchers direct the self-assembly of gold nanoparticles into device-ready thin films

Scientists with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California (UC) Berkeley have directed the first self-assembly of nanoparticles into device-ready materials. Through a relatively easy and inexpensive technique based on blending nanoparticles with block co-polymer supramolecules, the researchers produced multiple-layers of thin films from highly ordered one-, two- and three-dimensional arrays of gold nanoparticles.

Apr 27th, 2012

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Bejeweled: Nanotechnology gets boost from nanowire decorations

Engineers at Stanford have found a novel method for "decorating" nanowires with chains of tiny particles to increase their electrical and catalytic performance. The new technique is simpler, faster and provides greater control than earlier methods and could lead to better batteries, solar cells and catalysts.

Apr 27th, 2012

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New guide for research on multiblock polymers emerges

Thanks to advances in polymer chemistry and a wide variety of monomer constituents to choose from, the world of multiblock polymers is wide open. These polymers can result in an astonishing array of materials, customizable to almost any specification. However, the flood of options could be overwhelming, without a theoretical framework to guide research.

Apr 26th, 2012

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