nanoJOBS – Careers in Nanotechnology

As part of our service to the nanotechnology community, nanoJOBS is designed to create more visibility among employers and job seekers. Participating in nanoJOBS is easy! Any employer can post their jobs in the nanoJOBS database. In order to assure a high quality, employers need to register and all postings will be validated and approved by a Nanowerk administrator.

How does nanoJOBS work?

nanoJOBS is Nanowerk's free job posting service for employers. Like all other Nanowerk databases and directories, the nanoJOBS database is freely accessible. nanoJOBS is open to all organizations and companies.

Posting your jobs on nanoJOBS is easy! As an employer, you need to register once and then you can add your job listings to the Nanowerk nanoJOBS database by simply filling out the online template. Postings will be validated and approved by a Nanowerk administrator.

Job seekers can freely access the job listings on nanoJOBS and then contact the employer directly - without having to go through nanoJOBS.

Like all other Nanowerk databases and directories, the nanoJOBS database is freely accessible.

Is there a fee for using nanoJOBS?

No. Using nanoJOBS to post your job openings or to gain access to job listings is entirely free to both employers and job seekers. Nanowerk does not receive any commissions or other payments for this service from any party involved.

How can I post my organization’s job openings?

Posting a job is simple. If you are not yet registered, please do so here. We require registration because we will confirm the employer’s identity and we monitor the contents of job listings to avoid any misuse of the nanoJOBS service.

Upon registration you will be able to fill in the job listing information sheet.

Job listings must be as complete as possible.

You will have the opportunity to check all your data and information before sending it to Nanowerk. A Nanowerk administrator will check your details and then approve the job listing for posting on the Nanowerk site.

You may post as many jobs as you like.

Can I make changes to my job listing or terminate it?

You can change all details of your job listing by checking into your user account. You can also terminate your job listing at any time or extend the posting deadline. By default, if you don't enter an end date, your job listing will run for 90 days. You may extend that period at any time.

Can you contact me whenever new jobs are posted?

We provide a RSS feed that updates whenever new jobs are posted.

I believe one of the job postings on nanoJOBS might be a scam.

Please report any suspicious job posting by contacting Nanowerk through our Contact Us form. Please be sure to include specific information about the job listing such as title and direct link.

Information Accuracy

Nanowerk does not verify the authenticity or current status of any job listing information. It is the job seeker’s responsibility to contact the employer to make sure that they have the most up to date information regarding this job listing. Job opening information may change and those changes may not be posted on nanoJOBS.