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Nanoscience Predoctoral Positions
Employer: CIC nanoGUNE
Location: Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain
Employment Start Date: Flexible/to be discussed

Organization Description:

NanoGUNE is a research center with the mission of performing world-class nanoscience research for the competitive growth of the Basque Country.

Job Description:

 We are currently looking for
to work on:
In this project, multiple functionalization of material surfaces by means of controlled growth of quantum dots is planned. The resulting composite will be optimized towards applications in opto-electronic applications or optical/magneto-optical sensing, depending on the most promising material combination upon initial results.
The research within this project will be done in the Nanomaterials group with supervision of Prof. Mato Knez, in close collaboration with the Nanomagnetism and Electron Microscopy groups.
The successful candidate must have a Master (or equivalent) degree and a solid background in chemistry, materials science or physics. Expertise in coating technologies (e.g. atomic layer deposition or chemical vapor deposition) or opto-electronic materials design will be considered beneficial.

The physical properties of 2D materials are rich in novel phenomena arising from the enhanced interplay of electronic charges, their spin, and their interaction with atomic vibrations (phonons). Novel magnetic ordering states and superconducting phases are predicted to occur at low temperature but their observation and interpretation remains in many cases still an open challenge. In this research project, the successful candidate will study the surfaces of atomically clean 2D materials with STM/AFM, specially using their spectroscopy version, at very low temperature and in ultra-high vacuum. The research will explore electronic, magnetic, superconducting phases and manipulate them via electrostatic gating, molecular adsorbates, etc.
The ideal candidate should have a Master (or equivalent degree) in Physics or related fields, with a background and interest in solid state phenomena.
The research will be performed in the state-of-art low-temperature SPM facilities of the Nanoimaging research group under the supervision of Prof. Nacho Pascual, and in collaboration with the Nanodevices and Nanooptics groups.

Extreme nanofabrication is a key technique for reaching novel functionalities in electronic and optic devices at the nanoscale. For instance, a plethora of unforeseen effects have been observed in layered materials when their dimensions are scaled down to the monolayer limit. In this project, we aim to explore challenging approaches to fabricate nanodevices for spintronic and plasmonic applications.

The selected candidate should have a Master (or equivalent) degree in Physics, Materials Science or Engineering, and will be responsible for the design and preparation of nanostructures by electron-beam lithography in combination with metals deposition and 2D materials exfoliation and stamping in controlled atmosphere.
The research will be co-lead by Prof. Luis E. Hueso of the Nanodevices group and Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand of the Nanooptics group.


Job Application:

 We offer an international and competitive environment, state-of-the-art equipment, and the possibility of performing research at the highest level. The PhD students will be enrolled at the University of the Basque Country Doctorate Program. The positions are available immediately. In the first instance, the contracts will be financed by grant MDM-2016-0618 of the "María de Maeztu" 2016 call of the Spanish National Research Agency.
The candidates should apply by completing the form available in the webpage of each offer at (, attaching a cover letter, a complete CV, academic qualifications and at least one reference letter grouped in a single PDF file.

* Applications that do not follow the instructions indicated above will not be considered further.
* The deadline for applications is 1st June 2018
* Please note that due to the large number of submissions expected, we cannot provide individual feedback.

Date Posted: April 6, 2018