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Postdoctoral Research Associate
Employer: CIC nanoGUNE
Location: Donostia, Spain
Employment Start Date: Flexible/to be discussed

Organization Description:

NanoGUNE is a research center with the mission of performing world-class nanoscience research for the competitive growth of the Basque Country.


Job Description:

Title of the project: Simulations of electronic stopping of light ions in materials for space exploration

Description of the project: Electronic stopping processes of H and He projectiles in materials relevant for space exploration (e.g. photovoltaic) will be simulated from first principles using real-time time-dependent density-functional theory techniques as implemented in the SIESTA program. This method has already been used before on a variety of projectile-material situations. The energy transfer from the projectile to the host will be calculated via the calculation of the electronic stopping power, but a more complete characterisation of the evolution of the electronic excitation will be pursued in order to feed the information into the simulation of radiation damage processes at longer time scales within the grant collaborative team. The processes represent strong non-equilibrium events, which imply important theoretical and methodological challenges.

After a short period of training of the candidate in the SIESTA method and TDDFT(t) within it, the main duties will be

  • The establishment of appropriate simulation settngs for the different materials of interest (setting up the approriapte simulation box, testing the key approximations etc)
  • Perform electronic stopping simulations
  • Analysis and transference of the results to the other members of the grant team for the further simulation of damage, including the definition, simulation and analysis of the excess electronic energy diffusion in space and time.

Required Degree: PhD in physics, theoretical chemistry, or materials science

Required Experience: Experience in first principles simulations of solids, using density-functional theory is required. Highly desirable is experience in dynamical processes (as in TDDFT) and/or previous experience with SIESTA or a similar program.

Job Application:

How to apply: Fill the form at and attach your CV. Please ask two relevant referees to send reference letters to the address [email protected] (Subject: Postdoctoral Research Associaty - Theory Group)

Date Posted: April 16, 2018