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Post-doctoral Fellow on "Low temperature atomic scale multi STM tips electronic measurements on a graphene nano-island on insulator"
Employer: CNRS
Location: Toulouse, France
Employment Start Date: As soon as possible

Organization Description:

CEMES is a CNRS-owned laboratory with 150 research and technical staff and ca. 50 students and postdoctoral fellows. CEMES is dedicated to the synthesis, processing and characterization of matter at the single molecular and nanometer scales. CEMES gathers a unique combination of facilities including electron microscopy, LT-UHV scanning probe microscopy, optical spectroscopy and microscopy, chemistry labs and computing resources that is targeting the design and exploration of electronic, optical, magnetic and mechanical phenomena from sub-micron structures down to single molecule and single atom on surface. In particular the NanoSciences Group has been investigating the classical-to-quantum frontier of single molecule electronics and mechanics as well as the  nanoplasmonics as ways to implement new quantum processing paradigm such as Quantum Hamiltonian Computing.

Job Description:

Nano-graphenes (NG) obtained by on-surface chemical synthesis (polyaromatic molecules) or by controlled 2D growth (nano-islands) offer new substrates for the construction of atomic and molecular electronic circuits. Considering a single NG at the surface of an insulating substrate, we propose first to study the electronic transport between two and then several STM tip apexes (including at least one STM tip grounded or floating [1,2]) with tip end apexes spaced by a few tens of nanometers. STM tip by STM tip, the focus will be in particular put on the determination of the different "tip STM - NG surface"  electronic contact regimes: tunnel, pseudo-ballistic, chemical and on the influence of the inter-tip apex distance on the transport regimes through the NG. The experimental conditions to transform the atomic structure at the edge of an NG and then at its centre will be determined to construct atom by atom the first prototypes of electronic circuits at the atomic scale on NG. A specific care will be taken in the preparation of STM tip apexes by FIB sharpening and UHV reconditioning to produce a very small radius of curvature at their apex.

The candidate will be in charge of studying electronic properties of nanographenes on insulating substrates with an LT-UHV 4-STM in its independent multiple STM tips configuration [3]. He / She will fabricate ultra-sharp STM tip apex to minimize the inter-tip apex distances to study the electronic contact and transport regimes on the nanographene before exploring surface atomic manipulation on a nanographene for electronic circuit construction.


[1] Eur. J. Phys. AP, 73, 10702 (2016),

[2] J. Phys. Cond. Matter, 29, 444004 (2017).

[3] and many other video on our 1st NanoCar Race


The selected candidate is expected to have extensive experience in LT-UHV-STM and STS as well as in advance preparation of STM tip apex. An experience in atomic manipulation with STM on surface is desired. The initial contract is one year.

Job Application:

Email a full CV, motivation letter and provide contact details for at least 2 references to

Dr Erik Dujardin

[email protected]

Deadline: mid-July 2018

Email application to : [email protected]
Date Posted: May 16, 2018