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Two open PhD positions in Condensed Matter Physics
Employer: Universidad de Alicante
Location: Alicante, Spain
Employment Start Date: Flexible/to be discussed

Organization Description:

As part of the Nanophysics and the Condensed Matter research areas of the Department of Applied Physics, we enjoy a collaborative and vibrant research atmosphere in condensed matter physics, materials science, nanoelectronics, optics experimental groups and theory groups. We have access to all necessary equipment for 2D materials device fabrication and the characterization of electro-optical response at room and low temperatures. Further details on our ongoing research are available here:

Job Description:

The NanoPhysics group at the University of Alicante has two open predoctoral research positions in the area of Condensed Matter Physics. We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a master’s degree in Physics or related areas, including Chemistry or Engineering.




The selected candidate will explore Chiral effects in the electronic transport of nanostructures. This project has its roots in the area of atomic and molecular electronics and involves a strong collaboration between experimental and theoretical physicists. The candidate’s research will focus on the experimental (Low Temperatures, electrical transport) or the theoretical (MD, DFT, models) aspects of the project, depending on his/her previous background.




The 2D materials laboratory offers a PhD position to study the photoresponse of 2D materials which exhibit magnetic order transitions, and proximity effects when stacked in heterostructures with other van der Waals materials. The selected candidate will develop the necessary methods to produce few-layer devices, design and perform electrical and optical characterizations in order to explore the effect of optical excitation on the electron transport in materials which exhibit magnetic order transitions.


Master degree in Physics or related discipline, including Chemistry or Engineering

Good writting and communication skills in English

Experience in experimental condensed matter research will be valued

Job Application:

To apply please send your complete CV and a cover letter to [email protected] for the 2D materials position and [email protected] for the PID2019-109539GB-C41. The deadline for application for this specific position is October 26th, but applications from highly motivated candidates are always encouraged.

Email application to : [email protected]
Date Posted: October 15, 2020