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IntraSpect™ 360


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  • Sara Tichenor,Bruker Nano Surfaces
  • IntraSpect™ 360

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  • Bruker Nano Surfaces
  • Sara Tichenor
  • 3400 E. Britannia Drive, Suite 150
  • Tucson
  • AZ
  • United States
  • +1 520 741-1044

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  • Sara Tichenor,Bruker Nano Surfaces

  • Bruker is proud to introduce the IntraSpect 360 system. As the newest member in the Bruker family of in-situ mechanical test instruments, the IntraSpect 360 brings quantitative mechanical property characterization to X-Ray microscopes (XRM) and beamlines. This unique system can be used to perform a variety of mechanical tests such as indentation, compression, fatigue, and bending, which can then be correlated to 2D or 3D images from the host microscope.

    The IntraSpect 360 features a seamless, X-Ray transparent viewing window for unobstructed imaging and streamlined μCT studies of material deformation, including fracture and the onset of failure. With up to 10N of maximum force and 80μm of displacement, the system is a versatile choice for characterizing the internal deformation processes in a wide variety of materials, such as composites, ceramics, metals, and natural or biological materials.

    The IntraSpect 360 utilizes a unique piezoelectric load cell combined with Bruker’s trusted three plate capacitive transducer technology. This arrangement allows for a significant increase in the available displacement range, while maintaining an ultra-low noise floor. The system’s exclusive design results in very little heat generation, creating unparalleled stability while in-contact with a sample allowing tests as long as 168 hours to be performed accurately and reliably.

  • Bruker Nano Surfaces Divison is a leading provider of high-performance scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis. We cover Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), White Light Optical Profilers, Stylus Profilers, Tribology & Mechanical Testing Tools as well as Fluorescence Microscopy Products:

    Bruker Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) and other nano technologies incorporate the very latest advances in AFM techniques, including the revolutionary PeakForce Tapping to ideally suit a wide array of application areas, from biology to semiconductors, from data storage devices to polymers, and from integrated optics to measurement of forces between particles and surfaces.

    Bruker 3D metrology and inspection systems include 3D Optical Microscopes and Stylus Profilers. These deliver high speed automated measurements of critical dimensions, roughness, flatness and form. Applications include QA/QC on medical devices, tribology, film thickness, trench depths and optics form and finish. Our new production software enables fully automated one button operation. Instruments range from cost effective benchtop R&D systems to standalone high throughput production tools.

    Bruker Tribological Tools and Mechanical Testing tools incorporate innovative, leading-edge technologies — including proprietary multi-sensing technology with high-sample-rate data-acquisition hardware & software, highest-accuracy force sensors and amplifiers, high-frequency acoustic emission sensors and amplifiers, and more.

    Bruker Fluorescence Microscopy Products provide leading optical instrument designs and rich software features to researchers in neurobiology and cell biology for conducting uncaging experiments, optogenetics, simultaneous electrophysiology studies, as well as photoactivation, photostimulation and photoablation experiments.
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