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  • Sales BNA,Bruker Nano Analytics

  • The High-End, Easy-to-Use EBSD Analysis System

    Bruker's QUANTAX EBSD analysis system provides the analyst with an easy to use and advanced tool for EBSD measurement and evaluation. The system can also be used in conjunction with the QUANTAX EDS system creating the most advanced integrated EBSD/EDS system, supported by the ESPRIT 2 software under a single user interface.

    • In-situ vertically adjustable e-Flash EBSD detector series for maximum analytical flexibility, now includes the ARGUS™ forescattered/backscattered electron imaging system
    • Fast acquisition with 630 patterns/s (4x4 binning) or 930 patterns/s (8x8 binning) using the e-Flash1000 detector
    • High resolution pattern acquisition with the e-FlashHR, providing pattern images of up to 1600x1200 pixels and an acquisition speed of 140 patterns/s (10x10 binning) and 170 patterns/s (20x20 binning). It supports measurements at low acceleration voltages (down to 5 kV) and low beam currents (down to 0.1 nA).
    • Signal assistant for acquisition setup
    • Calibration assistant for geometrical setup
    • Point inspector for checking data quality
    • Band positions are saved
    • Band detection and indexing with up to 3,000 patterns/s
    • Fast re-indexing with up to 54,000 points/s
    • Offline re-calibration
    • Advanced phase ID
    • Offline phase ID
    • EDS-assisted phase discrimination
    • LED detector position indicator and multiple features for safe operation
    • Fully software controlled detector with all electronics integrated
    • Simultaneous EBSD and EDS acquisition at up to 930 patterns/s, supported by in-situ tilt feature to optimally position both detectors
    • Easy-to-use EBSD software with a single user interface
    • Individual settings can be stored in a personal user profile

    Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction

    QUANTAX EBSD is available with unequaled support for Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) analysis through the OPTIMUS™ TKD detector head and the TKD toolkit. The ESPRIT 2 software features TKD support as well.

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  • The Bruker Nano Analytics (BNA) Division, headquartered at Bruker Nano GmbH in Berlin, Germany, develops, manufactures and markets the widest available variety X-ray systems and components for elemental and structural analysis on the micro- and nano-scale.

    Our electron microscope analyzers QUANTAX EDS, QUANTAX WDS, QUANTAX EBSD and QUANTAX Micro-XRF on SEM provide unmatched comprehensive compositional and structural materials analysis. The M-series for mobile and benchtop micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, including the M4 TORNADO Micro-XRF spectrometer, adds to our range of nano analysis solutions.

    As a research-focused company, we invest in the development of innovative products to satisfy the needs of our markets and to give our clients the opportunity to perform their work using the most modern equipment available.

    BNA instruments are used in academic research, e.g. material science, geology, mineralogy, archeology, art and conservation, quality control and process analysis as well as in different industries, including chemistry, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, life science, environmental research and forensics.
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