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  • preciZe – your reference for Zeta Potential
  • preciZe – your reference for Zeta Potential
  • preciZe – your reference for Zeta Potential

preciZe – your reference for Zeta Potential


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  • Daniela Lorenzo,HIQ-NANO srl
  • preciZe – your reference for Zeta Potential

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  • HIQ-NANO srl
  • Daniela Lorenzo
  • via Barzanti snc
  • Arnesano (LECCE)
  • N/A
  • Italy
  • 003908321816248

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  • Daniela Lorenzo,HIQ-NANO srl

  • Zeta Potential reference material
    preciZe – your reference for Zeta Potential

    - preciZe is the most accurate Reference Material for Zeta Potential measurements.

    - preciZe is used to verify the correct operation of any instrument measuring the surface potential by electrophoretic light scattering (i.e. Malvern Zetasizers)

    - Zeta Potential value of preciZe is -35.0 ± 4.0 mV .

    - preciZe is provided in 2.0 mL graduated vials (box of 10) containing a well defined amount of dried powder, easy to disperse in water and to be used.

    - preciZe box can be stored at room temperature, remaining stable over more than 12 months.

    - preciZe based on a stable aqueous dispersion of engineered monodispersed nanoparticles. The pH of preciZe solution is 7.0.

    - Each batch is fully tested in order to guarantee the specifications.

  • HiQ-Nano is a nanotechnology oriented company arisen from Italian Institute of Technology, focused on the design, fabrication and characterization of high-quality nanoparticles.

    The company exploits its strong scientific expertise in nanofabrication, nanobiotechnology and material science to satisfy the demanding needs of both academic research and industrially oriented applications.

    HiQ-Nano provides highly monodispersed and stable nanoparticles, with a low batch-to-batch variability, accurately characterized for their shape, size distribution, charge, and agglomeration state.

    Our mission is to guarantee excellent nanoparticles and related technologies to our clients, allowing researchers and industries to face with the exceptional properties of nanomaterials.
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