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Microplotter Proto


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  • Tiffany Brunhoefer,SonoPlot, Inc.
  • Microplotter Proto

Contact Details

  • SonoPlot, Inc.
  • Tiffany Brunhoefer
  • 3030 Laura Lane, Suite 120
  • Middleton
  • WI
  • United States
  • +1 608.824.9311

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  • Tiffany Brunhoefer,SonoPlot, Inc.

  • The SonoPlot® Microplotter Proto is an entry-level picoliter fluid dispensing system for the microarray and polymer electronics markets that still provides significant advantages over existing products in deposited feature size and type, regularity of volumes dispensed, and flexibility for the user.

    The core of the Microplotter is a dispenser that uses controlled ultrasonics to deposit fluid in a noncontact manner. This patented technology can produce picoliter droplets that form features on a surface as small as 30 µm wide. When combined with automatic surface height calibration, coefficents of variability for deposited feature diameters as small as 10% can be achieved. A wide range of fluids can be used, including aqueous solutions and many organic-solvent-based mixtures. Fluids that other dispensers struggle with, such as saturated solutions for MALDI-ToF matrices, or fluids with viscosities up to 450 cP, can be deposited with ease. The ultrasonic pumping action is also an efficient cleaning mechanism for quickly depositing many solutions sequentially.

    In addition to spots, the Microplotter Proto can draw true continuous features, such as lines, arcs, and bends. These are uniform elements, not made from overlapping droplets like other technologies, and are particularly well-suited to the polymer electronics field.

  • SonoPlot designs and sells Microplotter® materials dispensing systems for drawing features as small as 10 to 20 microns. Our patented ultrasonic dispensing technology enables true contiguous lines for superior conductive traces and enables the deposition of a wide range of materials, including solutions containing graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles, and polymers. This technology allows the Microplotter® to print inks with viscosities up to 450 cP without the hassle of tuning them to the printer. Integrated digital video and precise positioning allow for accurate alignment and dispensing on substrates. The Microplotter® systems provide unparalleled price per capability in the market.
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