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  • PlasmaFlo Gas Flow Mixer PDC-FMG

PlasmaFlo Gas Flow Mixer PDC-FMG


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  • Connie Lew,Harrick Plasma
  • PlasmaFlo Gas Flow Mixer PDC-FMG

Contact Details

  • Harrick Plasma
  • Connie Lew
  • 120 Brindley Street
  • Ithaca
  • NY
  • United States
  • +1 607-272-5070

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  • Connie Lew,Harrick Plasma

  • The PlasmaFlo is an optional accessory that may be used in conjunction with any of the plasma cleaner models and is beneficial for gas mixing, more precise quantitative control of the gas flowrate and monitoring of vacuum pressure.

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  • Harrick Plasma is a leading supplier of plasma equipment to the research community. We have been providing quality, low-cost, tabletop plasma devices specifically designed for laboratory, R&D and office use for over 30 years.
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