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  • Carbide-derived carbon - CDC

Carbide-derived carbon - CDC


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  • Veronika Zahorodna,Carbon-Ukraine Ltd
  • Carbide-derived carbon - CDC

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  • Carbon-Ukraine Ltd
  • Veronika Zahorodna
  • Stepanchenka str., 3
  • Kyiv
  • Kyiv
  • Ukraine
  • +380442332443
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  • Veronika Zahorodna,Carbon-Ukraine Ltd
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    Complex compound nanoparticles

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    Carbide-derived carbon (CDC) is a nanoporous carbon produced by the extraction of metals from carbides. CDCs are produced at temperatures from 200-1200ºC as a powder, coating, a membrane or parts with near-final shapes, with or without mesopores.

    As precursors for carbide-derived carbon CDC synthesis we used different binary carbides - TiC, SiC, B4C, VC, Mo2C, NbC as well as ternary carbides, also known as MAX-phases, – Ti3AlC2, Ti2AlC, Mo2AlC, V2AlC and others.

    A wide range of carbide precursors leads to a wide range of pore volumes and tailored properties. Total volume and characteristic dimensions of meso- and nanopores can be predicted and achieved by selection of a binary or ternary carbide and variation of the chlorination process parameters. Carbide derived carbons CDC can find applications in molecular sieves, gas storage, catalysts, adsorbents, battery electrodes, supercapacitors, water/air filters and medical devices. With NanoporeU CDC - carbide-derived carbon, you have the flexibility of choosing porous carbons from a wide range of average pore sizes - from 0.6 nm to 30 nm.

  • Carbon-Ukraine ltd. serves diverse customers across a variety of industries including the filtration, energy, defense, pharmaceutical, and biomedical sectors. Our mission is the development, production and supply of porous and activated carbon materials, materials characterization, as well as design and manufacturing of equipment for carbon production. Our consultative process leads to custom materials tailored to each customer's precise needs.

    We are located in Kiev, Ukraine, and represented in the USA by MedTech Diamond LLC. Our staff includes engineers trained in nanotechnology, organic and inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, materials science and metallurgy. Carbon-Ukraine ltd. has gained wide recognition for its innovative processes and products.

    Whether you're creating new products or want to upgrade existing ones, we welcome your inquiries. Our controllable process allows us to rapidly optimize a material for your specific needs, and our engineering and sales team is always available to answer your questions. We encourage you to learn more about the exciting possibilities we offer you, and we look forward to partnering with you to improve your product's performance.

    Our Kiev area research and manufacturing center is fully capable of developing and producing porous carbon materials tailored to meet your needs.

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