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  • Dr. Majumdar,Ultrananotech
  • Aluminium oxide nano

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  • Ultrananotech
  • Dr. Majumdar
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  • India
  • +91-8800903073

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  • Dr. Majumdar,Ultrananotech
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    Binary compound nanoparticles

    Element name
    Aluminium and oxygen

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    various sizes 20 nm, 50 nm, 100 nm. Custom sizes are also available upon request

    Alumina nanoparticles are generally white in colour. They are hard and abrasive in nature. Aluminium oxide nanoparticles are used for improving scratch resistance property of surface and making slurry for chemical mechanical polishing. They are also used as a heat sink materials since they have high thermal conductivity. Aluminium nanoparticles can also find application in gas barrier property of polymer and increasing the mechanical strength of the polymer composite.

  • A team of scientists with diversified knowledge in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology is the pioneer behind Ultrananotec. Have very diversified R & D experience in both in US academic and different multinational industries range from semiconducting, polymer, renewable energy etc. Have thorough understanding/knowledge in the nanotechnology based applications range from nanocomposite, coating, barrier properties of polymer, Chemical Mechanical Polishing, synthesis and characterization of nanomaterial’s, modification or functionalization of different nanostructure, UV or IR sensitive nanocoating and thermoelectric etc. to name a few. Apart from supplying best nano based product we can provide consultancy service/ guidance etc. how to use or select the best product for your desire application. We are here to do best ethical or professional business practices. The main moto of our organization is your satisfaction is our satisfaction, “Everybody has own priorities and You are mine”
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