Avidity NanoMedicines Announces Issuance of Two Landmark Patents for Antibody-siRNA Complex Technology

(Nanowerk News) Avidity NanoMedicines, a biopharmaceutical company pioneering development of the Antibody-siRNA Complex (ARC™) as a new therapeutic class, announced today the issuance of two new U.S. patents. ARCs™ combine the potency and specificity of biologics with a nucleic acid-based payload, representing a breakthrough approach to the targeted delivery of nucleic acid-based medicines.
The two new U.S. patents arose out of pioneering work conducted by Professor Mark Davis and colleagues at Caltech and are exclusively licensed to Avidity NanoMedicines. U.S. Patent 8,557,292, entitled "Carrier nanoparticles and related compositions, methods and systems," contains broad claims covering the novel nanoparticles and their components, as well as methods for making and using them. U.S. Patent 8,746,999 contains broad claims covering both the types of targeting ligands, and the types of nucleic acid payloads in ARCs™, as well as methods for making and using them. Together, these two new U.S. patents provide a foundation for the intellectual property portfolio covering the ARC™ technology as well as the products enabled by the approach.
"Professor Mark Davis has been at the scientific forefront of nanomedicines for nearly 20 years," said Troy Wilson, Ph.D., J.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Avidity NanoMedicines. "On behalf of everyone at Avidity, we are thrilled to be building on Mark's pioneering contributions as we advance ARCs™ as a new class of targeted, nucleic acid-based medicines."
About Avidity NanoMedicines
Avidity NanoMedicines is pioneering a new class of therapeutics, antibody-siRNA complexes (ARCs™), which draw on the best features of antibody-drug conjugates and nucleic acid-based medicines. Through partnerships with academic and industry experts, Avidity is applying its technology to the discovery and development of novel, targeted drugs. Founded in 2013, the company recently completed a $9 million Series A financing and entered into a collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company. Avidity NanoMedicines is located in La Jolla, California.
Source: Avidity NanoMedicines (press release)
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