OCSiAl Opens Dealership Program For Its Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

(Nanowerk News) TUBALL – a brand name for what the company claims are the world's cheapest single wall carbon nanotubes – was presented two months ago in London. TUBALL opens the gateway to technological breakthroughs in many industries which for the long time lacked a ready-to-use solution of low-cost SWCNT supplied in sustainable quantities. TUBALL will have a special impact on those economies where nanotech is booming and the need in such solution is crucial.
Global sampling campaign handled by OCSiAl right after the first presentation of a unique technology for graphene tubes synthesis brought significant results. "We have been receiving numerous requests for partnership lately," – says Grigory Gurevich, first vice-president. "OCSiAl, – nanomaterial producers and sellers from worldwide ask for possibility to stock TUBALL for further distribution. We have thoroughly considered all the requests and came to strategic decision to open the dealership prospective for those who are genuinely interested in developing business with TUBALL. Growing demand for TUBALL and TUBALL-based masterbatches urged the company to offer dealership as an effective option to satisfy the needs of world's market".
By now OCSiAl has formed general conditions of the dealership program; details are not disclosed and subject to negotiate with potential partners. Basic requirements for future dealers set the purchase volumes of TUBALL for the year of 2014 and 2015. To join the program the initial purchase of 10 kg will be enough. "Conditions are both reasonably strict and flexible," – continues Grigory Gurevich. – "On the one hand, we do require substantial commitments in terms of size of orders, on the other hand we are ready to encourage our partners with technical and marketing support, including sampling actions".
The first strategic dealership agreement with Shanghai Evermore Additives Corp (EVERMORE Group) was achieved a week ago during the exhibition NANOKOREA 2014. Along with TUBALL Evermore is going to sell different masterbatches including those for composites, made on the base of Zyvex Technologies' products. "We have great expectations for further prosperity of our business in cooperation with OCSiAl", – says Managing Director Wu Lu-Hao. "We hope not only to attract new clients via highly sought TUBALL product, but to advance existing partnerships through offering new opportunities for development of our client's products".
According to analytical forecasts, the global nanomaterial market will increase by 6 times in the next 3-4 years. Given the unique technology and versatility of applications TUBALL will speed up market growth by introducing class new products. OCSiAl itself will also contribute to dealers' success – the company is actively investing in development and is planning to expand production facilities during the upcoming year. In the nearest future together with SWCNT OCSiAl will also offer to its dealers universal TUBALL-based additives to enhance different materials including polymer composites, rubber products, conductive inks and others, facilitating wide adoption of SWCNT by many industries.
Source: OCSiAl (press release)
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