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Micro-system-handling With Piezosystem Jena

(Nanowerk News) The fiber gripper Grippy 3 offered by piezosystem jena has been designed for use in applications like handling of fibers and samples manipulation e.g. microoptics.
fiber gripper Grippy 3
Based on its characteristics, the Grippy 3 is excellent suited for applications, which need an accuracy and damage-free handling of smallest parts. The very fast and very precise motion of the piezo actuator is transmitted by solid state hinges.
The fiber gripper Grippy 3 is equipped with a M2-threat in each clamping jaw which offers the possibility to adapt additional parts for fiber adjustments or sample holders. The small size of the Grippy 3, made it ideally for an OEM-solution for industry and laboratories, it is easy to integrate into customers systems.
  • – free gripper motion 275 Ám
  • – user-specific gap design on request
  • – adjustable grip forces
  • – small dimensions 54.4 x 38 x 7 mm
  • – M2-thread to integrate additional handling tools
  • For additional information about our fiber grippers please call (+49) 3641 88660, send an email to info(at)
    Source: piezosystem jena (press release)
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