Martini Tech Inc. Becomes Exclusive Distributor for Yoshioka Seiko Co. Porous Chucks for Europe and North America

(Nanowerk News) Porous vacuum chucks are used in the semiconductor, printing, LED business to hold substrates attached to a processing machine, such as a dicing machine, an inspection machine, a spin-process machine or any other substrate processing machine.
Porous chucks
Porous chucks
Differently from other mechanical chucks, porous chucks use a pressure differential between the front and back side of the surface in order to hold the substrate: using this technique it is possible to work on extremely thin substrates without any risk of breakage.
Moreover, without needing any clamp, porous chucks leave no scratch or mark on the surface of the substrate.
Finally, by using extremely thin porous materials for the chuck inner body, it is possible to achieve high degrees of flatness on the surface and therefore avoid any bending of the wafer during the processing: this property is extremely important when dealing with inspection applications
Thanks to many years of experience in the field, Yoshioka Seiko Co. is able to offer to customers porous chucks with surface flatness better than 5Ám on the whole surface, with results of better than 3Ám for particular applications.
Yoshioka Seiko can offer a large range of porous chucks, including porous chucks in pure carbon, hot vacuum chucks with heating mechanism incorporated, self-adsorption porous chucks with embedded vacuum pump, surface-emitting porous chucks for inspection application that require backlight
Yoshioka Seiko manufactures chucks in various shapes and materials.
Chucks are offered in squared, cylindrical, round type, collect shape among others.
For the chuck body, several materials can be offered: stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, ceramic being some of them.
Surface treatments such as fluorine resin processing, anodized aluminium, anti-corrosion coating process, electroless nickel plating are also available.
From the 1st of July 2014, Martini Tech Inc, a distributor company based in Tokyo, Japan, has become the exclusive distributor for Yoshioka Seiko porous chucks for Europe and North America.
Source: Martini Tech (press release)
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